A little bit about us…

Established in 2007, we offer personalised 1 on 1 music lessons in the Sheffield area for acoustic, electric guitar, bass and piano with the belief that with the right teaching, anyone can learn!

High Quality Lessons

Our flexible 30-60 minute lessons are of the highest quality and our professional tutors are hand selected and committed to helping you learn a musical instrument.

All Ages And Abilities

We understand everyone has to start somewhere and so we’re more than happy to teach complete beginners and also children.

Hello from Dynamic Tuition!

Hello and thanks for visiting us! We are a Sheffield based company who love to teach music! Why? Because we love music! We know what an awesome feeling it is to write your own songs, play your favourite tunes and jam with your friends! We want you to experience that same freedom and creativity!

Naturally, we select only the finest and friendliest tutors but the real genius of Dynamic Tuition is a system that has been refined by years of experimentation and experience. Dynamic Tuition provides the quickest, easiest route to picking up the acoustic, electric guitar, bass or piano that you can possibly find! We're so passionate and convinced that it works because we've seen it happen for countless students with no musical experience time and time again!

If you really want to learn how to play and experience music like we do then what are you waiting for? Book your FREE lesson today!

Our Blog

Learn To HATE Practicing The Guitar

If you’re reading this then chances are you want to improve your skills on the guitar. Who doesn’t? Frustrated beginners and pros alike; it’s a never-ending journey of improving and enjoying our music more. Most people’s perception of learning an instrument is that there can be lots of reasons that are stopping us from progressing. […]